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I should probably start posting again, so:

1. I am not up early, I just haven't slept. My sleep schedule is INSANE lately, apparently my body is now only capable of sleeping 11 hours every 48 hours or so. Or like that time last week when I slept... 11 hours, was awake for 8, slept for 2, awake for 13, slept for 2, awake for... 12 or 13? And slept for 10. The numbers aspect here is incredibly boring but it mostly resulted in me being completely insane and somewhat creative, as you can see from the last post.

2. During that crazy manic napping period, my dad--my dad literally goes to a Goodwill or other kind of thrift store on his lunch damn near every day? And he buys weird records and books and stuff because they're cheap. So he got this book from 2000 about like, the ~cultural impact and implications~ of anime? Which sounds and is partly sort of an Animation Age Ghetto thing but it's also pretty interesting, like there's a chapter about how Ranma 1/2 deals with gender, and Akira with technology/metamorphosis/the "monstrous adolescent," and the significance of Miyazaki protagonists--basically it's all about overanalyzing and deconstructing little nuances and implications of a form of media and ASDFGHGKJLDFKL I LOVE THAT SHIT SO MUCH but ANYWAY the point here--I was reading that and I was in that manic creative mode and I had kept thinking of like, wanting to do something different from usual--try to do one of those "how the hell is this for kids" shows, or something, something other than writing nonsensical gay pseudo-angst? So tl;dr I got an idea for an anime, and obviously this will never actually get made, and the whole concept of it is basically all of 90s anime tailored to fit my interests a little better, but I really love it so far and Allison keeps... alternately teasing me about how it's a typical 90s anime and encouraging me to work on it? ahaha I don't know. MOVING ON

cut for some introspective rambling, probably not too bad but I feel self-conscious about itCollapse )

7. To get more relevant to other peoples' interests, now: INCEPTION. ASDF. I saw it for the second time today yesterday last night? whatever, you know what I mean, because obviously I had to go with Allison because everything's better that way, and I didn't notice the first time just how adorable Cillian Murphy is. I mean, I noticed his face, but fjshfdkndarrrgh Robert was just so prissy like "Oh. I'm being kidnapped. I don't have time for this shit. Great." And of course Saito's hilarious trying-to-sound-badass voice made "Robert Fischer" sound a little like "Robot Fuchsia," which will never not be funny. Breaking this into a second part so this is not a grossly large paragraph:

8. It shouldn't bother me so much that of course Arthur/Eames is the most popular pairing. Witty banter/teasing + pretty boys~ = OTP. That's just how fandom works. Because het is gross, amirite. I haven't really cared about het ships in ages, most of them are kinda boring, but I... really like all the het ships for this movie, you guys, better than any of the slash. That never happens. The first time I saw it I automatically started shipping Arthur/Ariadne (which is an awful name, by the way >:|), because they were cute and I am really into basically everything about JGL and many things about Ellen Page. Then I got all uppity about all the dumb obvious reasons people ship Arthur/Eames. So then when I saw the movie again I realized the only ship I liked that had genuine fuel was Ariadne/Cobb, which is fine, because I really like them and uh, I think I've been rambling about SHIPPING IS SRS BSNS for way too long now.

God, and I haven't even had coffee yet. At least I killed some time before it's early/late enough to text Allison? I'm an idiot.

What I've been doing

So! Apparently I've been productive again, finally, in the last few months. I've got a comm, smokefirebooze, for some original fiction with characters Allison and I share, and I've made and been trying to sell some felt plushes. Which I have pictures of! Many pictures.Collapse )
Guys is it bad that I got REALLY HAPPY that nice-on-water from Assetbar thinks I'm cool (dunno how to link to specific comments, the thread starts when hatstand_mcq talks about tentacle porn)

Because I am really proud of myself. For that, and also buying a rainbow set of Playboy shot glasses on an impulse BECAUSE I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE.

...Oh man this is not a good entry to start updating again with

awful things carly has said recently

"There's not a DENT there, he just THINKS there is because he's Crazy!"

"Like" or "basically" twenty-one times over the course of a single slide

[Summarizing Catch-22:] "So then he goes crazy...?! and" *disgusted face*

Calling advisory "advisement"

"My favorite nickname is Carly Horse!" (actually that one's pretty cool and funny)

[someone, I'm not sure, walks into the conversation] "You... wait, what?" [Carly:] "We're talking about--A cat! Scratching at my door! Six times in an hour! A cat scratching at my door!" *Carly and Hope dissolve into insane giggles*

Writer's Block: Gifted Ideas

What’s the perfect gift to give to the person who has everything?

As Bella: A Kat. Everyone should have one. But you can't.

i guess I should make a real post?

Hmm I guess I'll just do a list--trying to balance it by going positive/negative/positive/negative?

Positive: Today was the second Video/Film block day in a row I have gotten to leave for coffee while we were "filming."
Negative: I am very worried that Carson (our director) might like me because he is 1. a guy 2. awkward and kinda gross and 3. even though he is like a smug PHOTOSHOP MASTER~ he keeps asking my opinion on stuff and touching me to get my attention. Also I really hate Adonis for no good reason.

Positive: I have started a NaNo and have 2300 words.
Negative: 1600 of those words are old one-shots I plan on rewriting eventually.

Positive: I have not had a nightmare about Mikaela cheating on me since Saturday.
Negative: I have started a log of things that are related to my depression--either things that make me excessively upset, or documenting my depression-addled thoughts. I have five entries for two days.

Mixed: I got my progress report thing. I have Fs in English and History, Cs in Psych, math, and Chem, and a B in Video/Film. That looks bad, right? However, if one of the Cs were a B or the B were an A, this would have been pretty much my best report card since seventh grade, when I got upset once because I had a C in French. Oh, me.

Writer's Block: Talking Turkey

How will you use technology or the Internet to help you plan and prepare this year’s Thanksgiving feast?



fnngh rich text lj again

If you only had one day left to live, and you had the chance to tell one person from your past "I love you," who would it be? How about "I'm sorry"?

Does it have to be someone from my past? Hmm. I can't even think of any "I'm sorry" candidates, I've never really unresolvedly hurt someone. Idk. That seems strangely at odds with my whole "I'm a terrible person" thing. So I guess that's cool.

Also, it really bothers me that I can go into my inbox and I can post but I can't actually go to any journals. FNNGH. School filters are awful.

Writer's Block: Ohhh, baby

If your best friend asked you OR your partner to help you conceive a child, would you consider it? How do you think it would affect your friendship and your relationship?

Is it bad that I just really love how LJ prompts keep saying "partner"? I mean, I hate the word intensely, but it's kinda cute that LJ is so PC. Which makes sense, given it being the mecca for freaky gay fanfiction. I mean, the last time I checked that Star Trek kink meme, in July, it was up to NINETEEN PARTS. NINETEEN POSTS in which they FILLED THE COMMENT LIMIT with PORN. I'm pretty sure the comment limits are somewhere around 15,000. That's insane. And now I'm tempted to go to there and read the genderbend stuff, because only on Livejournal can you find lesbian porn of two male characters and nobody questions it. I didn't know genderbend was like a common THING until I found that. Crazy. Awesome. Weird.

More relevant to the actual prompt... well, am I not understanding the wording? Does it mean your best friend wants you to get them pregnant, or your best friend is offering to be your sperm donor? Plus then I have to figure out who my other best friend is because my best friend IS my ~partner. So then that would be fine/totally make sense. But otherwise... hmm... The idea of a pregnant Colette is barely less horrifying than that nightmare I had where Chris got Mikaela pregnant. That would just be weird. Obviously I wouldn't let Chris do that, because he's already the manny. And I don't think Keegan as sperm donor would fit with our mental ideas of the kids (shut up). Because we're weird and are doing the teenage version of U-Hauling: you can't legally move in together, so instead you make really creepy plans and have dumb arguments like OH MY GOD NO FUCK YOU WE ARE NO GOING TO MOVE TO VANCOUVER I FUCKING HATE CANADA but it's not even that Canadian there it's really nice I mean you can even use American money there NO FUCK YOU I HATE CANADA. (You can guess which side I'm on, based on its notation.) Because lesbians are clingy and dumb.

Oct. 7th, 2009

At this point I have sunk so low that while suffering through advisory with Carly at the next table, I can no longer tell if the rage I feel is due to the usual "your existence is terrible and the complete opposite of mine" or if there's some actual jealousy in there. i mean, it would probably not be awkward if Carly showed up in an oversized sweatshirt and leggings, because on her it would not be so desperately unflattering ("unattractive" implies that she is attractive which I am not even going consider as a concept) or depressing or pathetic. Carly is never depressed. And that makes me depressed.



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